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Focus on Speech and Language Development

All our staff are highly trained to support speech and language development. We have worked with I CAN the children’s communication charity to develop our skills. We have also undertaken Makaton training to support children to communicate. The techniques we use support all children to thrive and children with particular needs have individual plans to support them.  We might change the tone of our voice to tune in to what certain children prefer. We recognise all forms of communication including pre verbal children who are possibly using visual cues and gesture.  We recognise that children need to develop their listening skills and often this comes before they are able or willing to speak.  Children also communicate socially and this is an important skill to develop or learn – they learn about social norms such as eye contact and smiling.  All children will be at different stages of development and we support them in different ways e.g. giving them lots of time to respond (adults find this very tricky!); repeating what they have said; extending their sentences with an extra word or asking for more information.  Children who have English as an additional language (or who speak another language as well at home) are encouraged to use both languages this is important.  We have a number of resources such as dual language books to support this.  Language development is encouraged through children’s play and other games that adults might introduce.  Our environments are set up to be communication friendly – we have quiet places to look at books, pods to sit with our friends in and space to play alongside our friends.

Take a look at this poster from ICAN the children’s communication charity:


If you would like more information please just ask us. 

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