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Reading and Writing Development

Developing literacy skills is a complex task that our teachers break down so that children build on what they already know. We have a wonderful library of quality texts that children can take home and share with their families. In nursery we lay the foundations for children to develop their literacy skills. You can find out more from our teaching and learning policy and our reading strategy is here.

We have a selection of fiction books (we call core books) which the children will encounter again and again during their time with us – this is to help them really understand story language, predict, repeat and join in and develop their knowledge of character and stories. Our core texts are here

Children need the physical strength and a good acquisition of speech and language to be able to write effectively. We focus on developing these 2 prime areas first so that children have a strong foundation upon which to build later. Children are encouraged to make marks in real life contexts and talk about the marks they have made.

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