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Our Curriculum

We offer a rich curriculum which takes account of the children's  interests and abilities.  Everyday children will engage in our core experiences:

  • prioritising speech and language

  • Books and stories

  • Small world and role play

  • Music

  • Movement

  • Block play

  • Creating and making

  • Outdoors and sand and water

  • Mark making

  • Mathematics

We enhance the curriculum with the following:

  • Forest school and woodwork

  • Visits and visitors

  • Sensory play

  • Food 


Froebelian approach

We work with the Froebel Trust (Froebel Trust | Homepage) to develop our approaches to learning. 

The Froebelian principles are:

Unity and connectedness; autonomous learners; the value of childhood in its own right; relationships matter; creativity and the power of symbols; the central importance of play; engaging with nature; knowledgeable nurturing educators.  

We have undertaken a project with the Froebel Trust to support families - have a look here: 

Froebel Trust | Using Froebelian Principles to develop parents'…

Forest School

Forest school promotes the holistic development of children. Our forest school lead teachers promote life skills such as resilience, confidence, independence and creativity. Children learn to take supported risks that are appropriate to their age and the environment that they are in. Some of the activities that children might be involved in include: · Learning how to use tools safely for example using secateurs and loppers (with assistance) to prune plants or using hammers and nails in woodwork · understanding about conservation such as planting or observing nest boxes · bushcraft for example building shelters, fire lighting, cooking and whittling and the safety measures needed · crafts for example making collections of natural materials, weaving and making clay models · team building and trust games – working with others to solve problems, learn to share, understand about others’ feelings and developing trust · physical development such as climbing trees, balancing, moving logs or digging · understanding the environment through identifying minibeasts, recognising wild plants and bird watching We believe that forest school is a wonderful way for children to learn where their involvement levels are always high. We have a wonderful and unrivalled environment on site in ‘Huddle wood’ and we also challenge our children further by taking them further afield to practice their skills.

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